Elements of Aura

Release Crystal Grid

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Made by Elements of Aura, Philly based women owned and operated. 

Seeking to release any unwanted energy? This high vibrational collection of crystals and sacred geometry is designed to clear energetic blockages and defeating thoughts by replacing them with clarity, well being and wholeness. Amplify your intentions and release into the ether all that no longer serves you and your highest good.


  • 20 Crystals: Howlite, Snowflake Obsidian, Amethyst and Clear Quartz
  • Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry Mat
  • Simple "HOW TO" Guide
  • Detailed Info for all Crystals
  • 3 Intention Cards - so you can use this grid over and over!

*Please note, the size, shape, and color of the crystals included in this kit can vary, but the energy is always equal.